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29-Dec-2017 21:58

He’s the last kid in his class to lose his first tooth, not sure if that has to do with diet or genetics but “they” say it’s better the longer kids have their baby teeth.

Reply Another anecdote here: My very robust, healthy 4yo son doesn’t do well with cow’s milk but has loved all kinds of non-dairy milk since early toddlerhood, especially hemp and coconut.

I have been struggling with an eating disorder for years and that is what brought me to you initally….

I saw an article in the Victoria’s Times Colonist regarding your blog….thanks again!! But once I finally tried almond, I never went back to soy.

I also have a friend who chose rice milk as her kid’s daily “milk” but added rice/pea protein powder and flax oil each time to bulk it up nutritionally.

Her daughter loved shaking up her own bottle/sippy to mix it together before drinking it. Reply I love almond milk and have been gradually switching to the vegan lifestyle for just under a year now.

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My husband currently drinks soy milk and has terrible problems with inflammation and ibs.If you’re Canadian, I’ve seen it in Loblaws stores (natural foods, refrigerated) and Costco.