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21-Jul-2017 10:56

Your techniques have since become commonplace in motion pictures. Inspiration came to me from many European cinematographers at the time.How do you feel about other cinematographers copying techniques you developed in the early 1970s? I funneled the inspiration into a collaborative brainstorm with Martin. Martin's vision and belief in me as an artist gave me the freedom to dare.People sit outside on their lunch breaks, unwrapped and crinkled aluminum foil spread out in their laps, warm street food in their hands.This article explores the breakthrough visual cinematography of the motion picture "Mean Streets" shot by renowned cinematographer Kent Wakeford and directed by Academy Award winner Martin Scorsese.

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Robert De Niro won the National Society of Film Critics award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as "Johnny Boy" Civello.

Kent Wakeford: Martin had filmed about 5 minutes of Mean Streets and didn't like what he saw. In our first meeting, Martin was very direct and said if he didn't like what I shot he 'd fire me on the spot. Martin wanted to capture the anxiety and conflict in each character. Was this a difficult technique in the early 1970's? 1970's cameras lacked the technical advancements of today. Question: Did you use this camera technique in every scene? I specifically didn't use a handheld camera in certain scenes to show contrast.

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