Blackberry bold 4 9900 online dating

29-Dec-2017 03:56

RIM has unveiled five new Blackberry 7 handsets - the Black Berry Bold 99, the Black Berry Torch 9810, 98.

All models will pack a QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen controls and the long-rumoured NFC connectivity.

Other than that, the 9900 features all the usual suspects such as GPS, micro USB and Bluetooth 2.1.

The new model also throws built-in NFC connectivity into the mix (a first for a Black Berry), and the US will see a 4G model (while UK users will have to make do with 3G).

Despite the fact that both devices sport a micro SD slot meaning that you can expand the memory (up to 32GB on the 9780 and 40GB on the 9900), the new Bold 9900's 8GB of on-board memory gives it a distinct advantage over its 512MB memory-toting predecessor.

However, the importance of this rests on what the new version of Black Berry's OS (7) is capable of.

RIM hasn't exactly gone overboard with the imaging capabilities on the 9900, which has the same 5MP camera as its predecessor, along with the familiar LED flash.

However, where the new smartphone does set itself apart from the older 9780 is with its video capture skills.The Black Berry Bold 9780 offered exactly the same battery performance as its predecessor (the 9700) with six hours of talk time and 17 days on standby.